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Reclaim Your Maple Fretboard's True Voice with Setup Supreme & Poly Detox: Don't let poly-coated frets on your maple fretboard stifle your guitar's performance. Our Setup Supreme & Poly Detox service is specifically designed for maple fretboards, targeting the unwanted clear coat on the frets. We remove this layer, then proceed with meticulous fretwork—including leveling, crowning, and polishing. Completed with a comprehensive setup, this service will elevate your guitar's sound and playability to extraordinary levels—embrace a new era of musical excellence and let your true sound ring out.

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Setup Supreme & Poly Detox

Experience the pinnacle of guitar servicing with our Setup Supreme & Poly Detox This top-tier service not only addresses the specific needs of maple fretboards by removing the sustain-dampening poly coating but also includes a full spectrum of premium enhancements to elevate your guitar's performance. Here's what you get for your investment:

Comprehensive Poly Coating Removal:

Targeted Removal: Specially designed for maple fretboards, we meticulously remove the poly coating that can dampen your guitar's true sound.

Level, Crown, and Polish:

Unlock Silky-Smooth Slides & Flawless Fretwork! Our expert fret leveling banishes buzz, ensures sleek bends with precision intonation, and polishes to perfection for the ultimate playing experience.

Complete Premium Setup:

•Hardware Optimization: All hardware is tightened and adjusted, ensuring everything is secure and correctly aligned.

•Truss Rod Adjustment: Optimal neck relief settings are achieved for comfortable playing and consistent action.

•Saddle and Pickup Adjustments: Saddle heights and pickup distances are finely tuned for ideal action and sound output.

•Intonation Correction: Precise adjustments are made to ensure your guitar stays in tune across the entire fretboard.

•New Strings Installation: We'll install new strings (strings cost not included), tuning them to your preferred settings.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

•Fret Polishing: Frets are finely sanded and polished, removing any rough edges for a smooth playing experience.

•Fretboard Conditioning: The fretboard is cleaned and conditioned, preserving the wood and enhancing its feel and longevity.

•Electronic Cleaning: Potentiometers and output jacks are cleaned to prevent any scratchy or unreliable sounds.

•Body Cleaning: The entire body of the guitar is wiped clean with high quality polish, protecting the finish and improving aesthetics.

Nut and Saddle Enhancements:

•Nut Slot Filing: Nut slots are carefully filed to the proper height to prevent string binding and improve playability.

Hardware Lubrication:

Critical hardware points are lubricated to reduce friction and wear, enhancing the guitar's functionality and lifespan.

This service is not just about restoring your guitar; it's about transforming it into its finest version, making every note you play resonate with clarity and brilliance.


Please note that not all guitars can be brought to perfection. Results can vary and may be subjective. Factors such as the player's style and technique can influence fret buzz and other aspects of playability, even with the best setups. However, rest assured that our setup will be top-notch, aiming to provide the best possible performance and playability for your instrument.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there a poly coating on my frets?

Manufacturers sometimes apply a poly coating to frets as a cost-cutting measure. Initially, it may not be noticeable, but this coating creates a barrier between the fret and the string, which can affect playability and tone. Over time, the coating can chip and wear away, leaving a less desirable fret surface. Direct contact between the string and the metal fret is ideal for the best performance.

Why is it important to remove the polyurethane coating from frets on maple fretboards?

Poly coated frets on maple fretboards can dampen the guitar's natural sustain and tone, hinder playability due to a rough surface, and flake away over time, leading to an unsightly appearance. Removing this coating helps unlock the true sound of your guitar, providing a more resonant and dynamic playing experience, while also improving its aesthetics and playability.

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What does the poly coating removal process involve?

Our targeted removal process involves carefully stripping the poly coating from the maple fretboard without damaging the wood. This meticulous procedure enhances the guitar's natural tone and sustain.

How long does the Setup Supreme & Poly Detox service take?

The duration of the service can vary depending on the condition of your guitar. Typically, the process itself takes 4 to 5 hours. However, considering our current workload and scheduling, we generally offer a one-week turnaround time. In some cases, particularly during busy periods, the service may take up to 2 weeks to complete.

How much does the Setup Supreme & Poly Detox service cost?

The Setup Supreme & Poly Detox service costs $200.00. This is an incredible value considering the comprehensive range of premium services included. For example, the level, crown, and polish alone can cost $150 at many shops. Our bundled service offers extensive setup adjustments, detailed cleaning, and poly coating removal, providing exceptional value and transforming your guitar into its finest version. (Stainless steel frets add $50.00 to cost)

Is the Setup Supreme & Poly Detox service suitable for all guitars?

This service is specifically designed for guitars with maple fretboards that have poly coatings. However, our premium setup can benefit any guitar, enhancing its performance and longevity. Our Premium Setup service, which costs $100, can also be upgraded to include a level, crown, and polish for a total cost of $150. If your guitar has stainless steel frets, an additional $50 is required due to the extra time needed for these frets.

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